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Sonntag, 1. Juli 2007

A nerve-wracking week!!

This past week was excellent!! But, it was also quite stressful.
I worked at the International School all week, which was so cool! One of the classroom assistants in one of the senior kindergarten classes left on Monday for Mallorca, to start work on her M.A. What an awesome place to work on your degree!
But, since she was gone, they asked me to work for her for the week. Of course, I said yes immediately! I was also told that Monday would be my job interview for one of the classroom assistant positions opening in September.
So, I started the week nervous about getting to know the kids on their last week of school, but I wasn´t nervous about the job interview at all. Of course, all that changed rather quickly. The kids were wonderful! All ages 5 & 6, and they were all so cute! It took me a few minutes to feel comfortable in the classroom. The teacher was wonderful too, and it turns out she grew up in Trumbull! Small world!!
What I became nervous about was the interview. Right before my meeting, I was speaking with another kindergarten teacher, who told me that there was a surprisingly large number of candidates for the position this year.
My interview, which I thought would just between the principal and myself, turned into the principal, the assistant principal, and two teachers! Sheesh! Then, they asked me all these weird questions, like how I felt about putting up bulletin boards, and what would I do if I didn´t get along with a teacher. Argh!
So, I was even more nervous after the interview. Especially when I was told that I would find out about the job at the end of the week!
The week went so quickly. I easily bonded with the kids, and it was so sad that it was the last week of school, because the teacher I was working with needed me more to move furniture and take down papers than to work with the kids. I did my first playgroud duty, and found out that playground duty really isn´t that bad with little ones, but probably worse with older kids.
On Friday morning, the secretary called me to say that I would be meeting with the principal at 2:50 to discuss the job. Considering the fact that school gets out at 3:00, he wasn´t joking when he said the END of the week! All day, teachers were telling me not to take it personally if I didn´t get the job, and that the principal wasn´t well known for making the best decisions!
So, I nervously poked my head into his office at 2:50. He started by asking me all these questions about my week, like what I did, how I got along with the teacher, and how I got along with the kids. Come on buddy- I was there to find out if I got the job, not to discuss the senior kindergarten!!!!!! But ... then... slowly... we got around to the job. And- I GOT IT!!!!!!!! I am so, so , so excited!!!! I will be in the junior kindergarten- SO excited! Oh my gosh! I can´t believe it! I start on August 27th! Well, okay, since it is a new position, it must be cleared through the school´s financial officer first, but all classrooms below 2nd grade must have an assistant. It´s pretty certain, that I will be working again! YAY! I have to say, I am very proud of myself :)

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