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Mittwoch, 27. Januar 2010

Navigating the world of illness, in another world

Being sick, even if you're like me and sure that you're not exactly "sick" is always trying. Not only do I have a recurrent back problem, but I also have a chronic illness. Both of which don't qualify me as sick, but do require me to have lots of experiences with doctors.
Add to that the fact that I'm navigating this world of doctors in another country, in another langauge, and well, sometimes it'll make your head spin!
This is my third week of being out of work for my back. After last week's visit to the GP, I received a referral to an orthopedist. The result from Monday's visit, I ended up with a referral to physical therapy for my back, and for my arthritis!
Today was my first PT session. It went really well, and I was all by myself, and understood almost everything- IN GERMAN! The therapist did some stretches and realigning of my spine. Then, he taught me a few exercises to do at home. Last, I got to sit under a hot lamp (like a baked chicken) for about 10 minutes- I totally could have fallen asleep!
I also learned that the arthritis therapy is "functional training," and will be done at a gym. Some gyms here work in conjunction with health insurances, so my sessions should be mostly covered by my insurance. I will receive two years of training for my arthritis- wahoo!
Hopefully, this will all work, and I can get stronger and better.

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Teresa hat gesagt…

I'm glad to hear that you are happy with the care you are getting - and woo hoo to you for being able to understand the therapist in German. You have mad skills!