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Mittwoch, 18. Januar 2012

6 weeks post partum

I had my post partum checkup at the OB on Monday.  It seems weird, after a month of trying to get pregnant, including charting my period and ovulation prediction, and 35 weeks of a pregnancy, it is all officially over.

The exam went well.  Everything is returning to normal. The doctor gave me a bunch of exercises to do.  She checked my incision, it is healing very well.  I was given the green light to return to normal activity, and even perscribed birth control.  We brought Erbse with us, because we knew the doctor would be very happy to see him.

Most exciting though was that it way the first time I was weighed since my pregnancy.  I have 5 pounds to lose to be back down to my pre-pregnancy weight!  Of course, my body has changed ridiculously by the pregnancy, and my stomach is extra squishy, but I am really proud of myself for not gaining that much weight through the pregnancy.

I looked back into my "Mutterpass" tonight, or "mother's passport."  It documents the pregnancy from my first visit at 6 weeks to Monday's post partum visit.  It was nice looking back and remembering each doctor's appointment, especially the exciement of seeing Erbse on the ultrasound monitor.  I really loved being pregnant, and sometimes feel a little twinge of sadness when I think about the fact that I missed out on the last month of the pregnancy.  I never got to see a part of Erbse stick out from my stomach, I only experienced hicups once, and I never got to experience "nesting," or even finish the nursery (even now, it isn't finished.) I loved the excitement of it all.  I loved feeling every kick and flutter.  I loved the anticipation.   But, with all that, I wouldn't have changed a thing, I'm so happy that Ryan was born when he was.  We have a beautiful, healthy baby boy who I love more and more every day.

The whole journey started in September of 2010 with the first pregnacy.  From then until Monday, there has always been some thought in my head about pregnancy.  And now, its all over.

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