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Samstag, 14. Juli 2012

Food, glorious food!

I wanted to wait to post about Ryan's dive into the world of solids until I had lots of good pictures.  But, then I realized that if I wait that long, I'll probably never get this post up.

Ryan started solids in May, the week before we left for the States.  As a crazy mother, I've decided to make my own baby food.  When Ryan started on solids, I wracked my brain searching for the best first food, and then I realized that I was confused by how to make a puree.  Yes, don't laugh, my knowledge of purees is mashed potatoes, but those are full of milk and butter to make them smooth.  I had no idea how to make a smooth puree without milk and butter, so I thought and searched until I came up with a milk and butterless solution- Avacado.  Yup, Avacado.  You just cut it up, take a fork, mash it up, and add some formula until its a good, soupy consistency.
The verdict?  Well, the first 2 days, Ryan really didn't know what to make of it.  He didn't spit it out, but kept making these confused faces.  By day three, it was all different though, and Ryan was more relaxed, less confused, and even smiling a bit.

From there, we ventured into the world of pumpkin.  I cheated and bought jarred pumpkin.  I know, I know, seems crazy, but I still was confused on how to make a liquidless puree and we were preparing for our trip to the States.  Plus, I wanted to bring jarred baby food for our first few days in the States anyway, so pumpkin it was.  Ryan LOVED pumpkin!  He smiled and ate happily.  When we were at home, he continued to enjoy his pumpkin for a few days.  Pumpkin makes this kid happy!

And then, after a week in the States, after I had purchased a few sweet potatoes for Ryan, tummy trouble started :(  So, we put off food for a while until he seemed better.  Better didn't happen until the first week in July when we were back in Germany.

So, we got back to solids in early July.  We started back with pumpkin, because Ryan did well with pumpkin and it was familiar.

While he was enjoying pumpkin, I decided to try homemade food.  I started with potatoes, because the German Research Institute for Children's Food, (Forschungsinstutiut für Kinderernährung,) babies should start with veggies mixed with potato early on.  So, I decided that since I'll be using lots of potato in Ryan's food over the next few months, why not get started with potatoes?

Here's  my first attempt at baby food:

Unfortunately, I didn't realize that you need to puree veggies with liquid, so well, my potatoes aren't that yummy.  I'm redoing them as I type.

After I decided it was time to leave pumpkin behind, I thought carrots might be a good homemade puree.  Joern went to a farmstand and bought lovely carrots.  So, I tried for puree number two.  This time, I steamed the majority of the carrots, and boiled about three.  I decided to boil a few to get a good carrot broth for the puree, and I figured that even though boiling leaches out a lot of nutrients, I was keeping some of the nutrients by using the broth.

Carrots were a hit!  Ryan loved them!  And the carrot puree looked beautiful!  If I were to feed Ryan straight carrots, two pounds produced enough puree for about a week.

While Ryan was enjoying carrots, I decided to start making peas.  Pea puree has to be the easiest ever- steam frozen peas, place in food processor with liquid, and place in containers.  Easy breezy.  After about 4 days of carrot, Ryan got to try peas.  And this was the verdict:

Yesterday, we added potatoes to the peas, and it went over really well.  The research institute suggests about 4 oz. of veggie/potato/meat puree for the first month of solids.  Ryan's up to about 2 oz, which I think is really good, considering that he just really started solids two weeks ago.

Today's challenge is to add in meat.  I have no idea how this is going to work.  You're supposed to offer about 3/4 of an oz. of meat 3-4 times a week.  I'm using jarred meat right now, because I want to perfect my  veggie purees before I even think of trying meat.

I'm so proud of our little boy.  He's growing up so quickly!  Keep it up Little Pea!

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