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Samstag, 8. Mai 2010

To HDTV or not to HDTV, that is the question

Okay, so I really need your opinions, dear blog readers. Yesterday, I came home to find this scene on my dresser:

Funny thing, when I left in the morning, we had our regular, old, very small TV on top of the dresser. According to Joern, he was in the market for a new TV anyway, because the remote for the old TV was missing. Hmmm.... We've been discussing the TV for quite a while now, as we'll be moving within the year, and well, we don't want to stick our old, but very nicely working, living room TV in our newly built living room. But, since the TV in our living room is working great, it is hard to justify buying a new one. Obviously, losing a remote is justification for purchasing a 40" flat screen for the bedroom. Sometimes, you really gotta love boys.
Now to the question of the day- HDTV. Obviously, our new TV is HD and well, I can imagine, it would look amazing. But, with Sky, our paid TV provider, HD is 10 Euro per month above our 32 Euro per month bill. I know that many at home would laugh at 30 Euro, or even 40 a month. I remember that my stepfather had a $70 per month cable bill. But, TV is mostly free here, and we pay for premium chanels and original version TV series and movies. I'm not sure if an extra 10 Euro per month is worth it for our bedroom TV.
For those of you who have HD channels, are they really so amazing? We would end up with History in HD, National Geographic and Discovery, two sports channels, and two movie channels.
We'll definately be moving over to the HD service when we move, but I'm wondering if it is really worth it for the next few months we live in the apartment.

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