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Sonntag, 29. Mai 2011

Our last full day in Hong Kong

Saturday was a bittersweet day for me, because I fell in love with Hong Kong, and I only had one last day to soak it all in.
On Saturday morning, we returned to the fair one last time.  On the last day of fairs, many of the exhibtors are looking to offload their product samples so that they have less to lug back home.  And others, are willing to give samples to serious buyers on the last day of the fair.  Before we went into the convention center, we set out our plan of attack.  We had about 4 halls to visit, and at least 20 exhibitors to find, and pick up the samples that we had earlier requested. 
While Joern and his parents planned their route, I snapped some more pictures of the way to the convention center from the hotel. 

Inside the convention center

In total, we needed about 3 hours to get to everyone we needed to get to.  We had an especially enjoyable conversation with the head of a company from which Joern's family purchases poker items.  He was extrordinarily knowlegable about many, many markets.  He also explained to us a lot about the US market, which seems to run a bit differently than German. 

Afterwards, we split up with Joern's parents, and decided to meet later for dinner.  Joern and I decided to take the Star Ferry back over to Tsim Sha Tsui, because they had a great souvenir shop, and there was a lot more there to check out. 
I was also happy because the weather was a bit clearer, so I was finally able to get some better pictures:

Gloucester Road

The old exhibtion center

Again, I was happy and thankful for the clearning, in order to take some clearer pictures from the ferry.

Once we landed, we headed first to into the Ocean Terminal Shopping Center.  It is a mall located extremely close to the ferry terminal.  Oh my gosh, the mall took my breath away!  Joern really wanted to go into the Toys R'Us inside the mall, so this was our first destination. The Toys R'Us was almost cooler than their flagship Times Square location.  It was so well planned out and there were so many interesting little sections!
From Toys R'Us, we headed up to the balcony overlooking the harbor.  There was a fab restaurant there, that would have been perfect for enjoying a cocktail, but we were a little pressed for time.

Sadly, we didn't have enough time to explore the entire mall.  Of course, I'm sure Joern would not have said there was anything sad about not being dragged all over the mall :)  From the mall, we headed back up towards all those crazy huge designer stores, and found a beautiful building, and decided to check out the area.

It turns out that the area is now named, 1881 Heritage.  The very obviously British influenced building that serves as the backdrop was the headquarters of the Hong Kong Marine police from the 1800s until the handover of Hong Kong to China.  It is a beautiful area now with luxury stores, a hotel and restaurants. 

We then realized it was time to head back to the ferry, as we planned to meet Joern's parents for dinner.  I had to run to my favorite little souvenir shop first to do some last minute gift shopping. 

Once we made it to the ferry terminal, we realized that we were just in time to have missed the last ferry, and while we were waiting, we got to witness the Symphony of Lights, the nightly light show along the waterfront.  The show actually takes place on both sides of the harbor, but since we were on the Kowloon side, we could only watch the Hong Kong Island side, but it was impressive!

I would love to go up to the Peak  next time and watch the light show from there!

It was another busy day, and we weren't really very hungry for dinner.  After dinner, we took a little walk, but we were both exhausted.  We were only sad because it was almost time to leave the city that quickly grew in my heart.

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