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Dienstag, 31. Mai 2011

Party Planning

I haven't really spoken about the Richtfest in a while.  Most probably because we moved the date, and then, I kind of stopped thinking about it.  But no avoiding the Richtfest anymore.  Because it is almost here.  A week from Saturday, yup, in eleven days, Joern and I will host the largest party I have ever hosted.  I think what is so difficult in the planning is that we don't have any idea how many people are coming.  I know the list of invited is over 100, but we currently only have about 15 definites.  It is not easy to figure out how much you need for between 15 and 115 guests.  Oy!  The problem is that the invitation process has been quite open.  Joern will bump into someone he hasn't seen in years, and say, "hey our Richtfest is on June 11, you should come by."

I realized that the food for this event could not equal the impressiveness of our Thanksgiving feast.  Instead of pureed celery root and apple, it will be potato salad.   The secret is to keep it simple and make a lot.
So far, this is the menu:
     Chips & salsa (and maybe a layered dip.)
     Chicken wings
      Würstchen (akinA as hot dogs)
      Hamburgers, and yes, we are still in the great hamburger tryout phase
      Pork steaks
   Sides (here's where I'm a little weak, and have admitted to needing help,)
      Couscous salad with feta and dried cranberries
      Potato salad
      Possibly baked ziti, if Joern will ever agree to it.
      Texas Brownies

Today's job was to buy some, scarily not all, but some, drinks.  We bought more beer than I imagined.  And of course, now I'm left wondering if we might need more.  But I must admit, I have never been in possession of 20 cases of beer!

All 20 cases loaded, a very proud Joern!

                                                    Very proud of his Gallo wine too!
Frightening to think how quickly this will go!

Obviously, there is quite a bit more work to do.  Fortunately, this weekend is a four-day weekend.  I am planning on baking cookies on Thursday.  Friday will be errands day, including purchasing the meat, the final paper products, and my Richtfest outfit!  Saturday will be decoration day, setting out all the decorations, and printing photos and such. 
Next week, busy week.  It looks like our 10th anniversary will be spent up to our elbows in potato salad and couscous salad.  And Thursday will be busy brownie baking night. 
Although I am looking forward to the Richtfest, I am more looking forward to putting this behind us, and to moving on with the house!

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