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Donnerstag, 3. April 2008

4 year old English vs. Adult English

A fellow expat posted a list of British English versus American English words. It is a list that I have come to master living here and now working in an international school. But, it got me thinking about my day-to-day and the languages I have to learn. My favorite? 4 year old.
I am tired, so this list is just a few of my favorites. As I think of more, I'll add more to my International English-speaking 4 year old dictionary.

4 year old - adult
"My pants are squishy" My pants legs are riding up the legs of my
puddle pants are are quite uncomfortable.
"There are monkey bits on There are black spots on my banana.
my banana."

"The blueberries taste a bit lemon." The blueberries are sour.
"I am super-dupy-masuki" They only add masuki when they are tired.
"Top me" (actually 3 year old) Please put my blanket on top of me when I lay down.
"I don't like it" a. I hate this food
b. Never tried it, but I see something green
c. Never tried it, I might like it, but don't want to risk it.
d. The kid next to me just said it, now, there's no choice.
"No tebukero today"(Japanese) Pleeeeeeeeease don't make me wear my gloves today.
TEARS mean anything, but least often do tears result from injury

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