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Hi, I'm Allison! I'm a thirtysomething, freshly baked, stay-at-home mom. I'm originally from Connecticut, now living in Germany, hence the name of the blog. I live in southern Germany with my German husband and our baby boy. Life has turned out to be nothing I ever expected, and am so incredibly happy with it! We certainly do have a lot of laughs! I hope you will enjoy following our new experiences raising a little half American/ half German in a little German town.

Montag, 26. Januar 2009

Girls and their toys (get your mind out of the gutter.)

I must admit, last year was tough. Because of my difficulties last year, I have named 2009, "My Year of Hope." To kick off my year, I decided to be a little frivilous, I gave in and got an iPhone.
Okay. I love it! Jörn brought me to the German version of Best Buy, and helped me sign up with a contract. I got a pretty good deal on the phone and a very small contract. But, let me tell you all the wonderful, ridiculous things I can now do with my telephone.
I have an iPet named Molly.
My ringtone is Womanizer by Britney Spears.
I have a lovely pink Gerbera Daisy as my wallpaper, which matches my pink phone cover.
I can check my email quickly.
I can take really cool pictures with only a little click- yeah, most phones do this.
All my phone controls are via touch screen.
The screen flips to the direction I hold the phone.
I can access iTunes with a simple touch (are you jealous?)

There are tons more features. I love that you can access all the information about my phone usage, like how much information I have received or much room I have left on the drive.

This is totally my toy. No, I didn't need it. Yeah, we want a house, and I should be saving, saving, saving right now. But, I did need a phone, and well, sometimes, we just have to do really stupid, really fun things.


Teresa hat gesagt…

Good for you! I got a totally unnecessary iPhone when we moved here, and it is SO worth it!

Nell and Pat Abroad hat gesagt…

Oh I totally agree. I am all about the occasional splurge. Can I afford to buy a coffee every day? No. But that doesn't stop me from buying two amazing cups of coffee from the place across the street once a week or so to surprise DH with!

CraftyRachel hat gesagt…

Yay! Yes, most phones can take photos, but the iPhone's photos have GPS data in them so you can organize them by place in iPhoto! I'm totally addicted to it...