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Mittwoch, 13. Mai 2009

Frühlingsfest 2009

We went to the Stuttgart Frühlingsfest (Spring Fest) over the holiday weekend. The Frühlingsfest is like the Volksfest, just a smaller, springier version.
Joern, Marcel, and I went on Friday afternoon, and we met Joern's friend Fabio, and his wife and daughter.
Overall, it was a lot of fun. I am a sucker for these fests during the day and early evening. The atmosphere is quite fun and happy, and most of the people aren't too drunk yet.
Because Joern isn't really much of a "fest person," we only started going to fests last year. I found out that Joern actually brought me to the Frühlingsfest in May, 2000, during my first visit to Germany. During that first week we met, we were so excited to be together that we never slept. Joern was looking for something to do one night, and suggested the Fest. We only were able to go on one ride, the Wild Mouse, because we got there right before the fest closed. I don't remember much about the Fest because we weren't there long, and Joern didn't explain that we were visiting the Stuttgart's spring-version of Oktoberfest.
Now, I've turned it into a way to commemorate our first meeting nine years ago. It is so much fun to walk around the Fest grounds and talk about our first week together.
This year, we were offered a few moments alone, mostly on the rides, but that's okay too.
Here are a few highlights of our afternoon:

We probably went on a few more rides this year than the usual, the Wild Mouse, the Log Flume, the Alpina Bahn (roller coaster,) and the Polyp. Marcel and I went on the high swings, because you probably couldn't pay Joern to go on them.

What I really love about the Fest is the amazing sensory overload it supplies. I love the flashy, brightly colored stands, the plethora of stuffed animals at the game stands. I know it is all marketing, all intended on getting you to spend an extra Euro, but this is a very unique style of marketing. Something about the sights and sounds of the Fest really appeal to me.

We also stopped in the Göckelesmaier tent. There aren't as many tents at the Frühlingsfest as the Volksfest, but they're still fun, the chicken and the beer taste pretty good too.

All in all, it was a great day. The Fest is all about celebrating Spring, being Swabian, and well, the beer! Days like this make me feel so lucky for all the amazing experiences I have living here in Germany.

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