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Sonntag, 24. Mai 2009

Munich Day 1

Last Saturday, Joern, Marcel, and I headed out for an overnight in Munich. Joern is a member of a BMW 7 Series club, and they had a memorial meeting for a member who passed away last year. Since the meeting was slightly outside Munich, I decided that I would skip the meeting, opting instead to visit with my friend Emily who has been in Munich for a few years now.
Our trip on Saturday took about two hours. Once we were in Munich, we had to wash the car, since a large emphasis of Joern's club's meetings involves looking at each other's cars.
Of course, Marcel thought he had different responsibilites in the car cleaning endeavour.

We then drove in to Munich, and had to pose for some pictures with one of our two babies:

From our photo op, we then went on to our version of Mecca, BMW Welt and the BMW Museum. Hello heaven!
The first stop with BMW Welt (BMW World,) it is basically a showroom with displays of current and future BWM technologies, as well as the pick-up location for new BMWs.

After looking at all the lovely cars, we made a stop by last year's Formula 1 model.

The boys were quite pleased with the many displays of the current BMW engines available today.

Before leaving, we walked up to the bridge from which you can watch people picking up their cars. Evidently, the cars are presented on little turn-tables, so that your car is completely the center of attention. The new BMW owners then get to drive their car right out of the showroom. BMW offers a great program for overseas buyers, which allows people to still pick up their car at BMW Welt, then to drive around Europe to their final desitnation of a shipping port, where you drop off your car for shipping overseas. I'm sure that it is a very special way to bond with your new car.

Because it was getting late, it was time to head over to the BMW Museum, which is right next to the headquarters of BMW. Quite possibly, my favorite place in the world!

The museum was even more lovely than we had expected. It was very well designed, as it starts at the top, and you spiral down. You don't have to go into all the sections, which made Joern happy because he was there to see cars, not motorcycles, and not to read about the history of the company.
At the very top, you begin with early BMWs.

From there, we made our way to the section devoted to the 7 Series, BMW's luxury line. We are super 7 Series people, as we have two "collector" 7 Series from the 1980s. Some of it, I think, is Joern's love for all things 1980s, but also, they are really special cars, and I know we're quite lucky to have two.
The most exciting thing for us was that the car they chose to represent the E32 model (1986-1992), the cars we have, is that we own the exact model, a 750, that was on display, same color, same interior. The only thing we agreed on though, is that our car's wheels are much better looking than those on the displayed car. I have never owned anything that was on display at a museum. We talked about how exciting it is that BMW picked our exact car as one of the best ones they ever made. Obviously, although we may be a bit biased, Joern and I wholeheartedly agree.

With our chests puffed out a bit more, we checked out the rest of the museum. The concept cars were quite interesting, especially the Z9, as you could see many elements that other BMWs have taken from it.

We enjoyed looking at two of the cars that were in James Bond films:

And Joern was particulary excited to see his first car on display as well:

Once we had our fill of the museum, we made our way to the center of Munich for dinner

After much discussion, Joern decided that he wanted to stick with what we know for dinner, so we went to the Hofbräuhaus for dinner.

It was crowded, and the waiter was ridiculously rude, but the food was pretty good and the beer went down great!

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Emily hat gesagt…

I love seeing your museum piece! You guys must be so proud. It was so much fun hanging out with you and I still laugh when I think about Jörn listing every TV series known to mankind from the 80's.

At least we have BMW on our side... that's at least cause to come back!