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Montag, 25. Mai 2009

Munich Day 2

I guess I should just start posting again with our second day in Munich, obviously a ton of time has passed, but I will just catch up chronologically.
After a great breakfast, and a not-too-good night's sleep, we were on our way at 9:30. Joern and Marcel had a ways to go to get to their 7 Series group meeting. So, Joern dropped me off at the main train station and they went on their way.
Because you just can't break me of some habits, I made my obligatory stop:

With my vanilla late in hand, I headed out to the Deutsches Museum One of the great things about German cities is public transportation. The U Bahn (subway system,) was so easy to navigate, clean, and brought me so very close to the museum.
The neighborhood around the museum is really lovely, it lies along the Isar, a major river in Munich. I really enjoyed the peaceful surroundings as I made my way to the museum.

The museum is gigantic! It is the world's largest science and technology museum, and is definately a boy's dream! I started off in the maritme exhibit hall. They had such interesting exibits, including an entire submarine,

and a very interesting recreation of a passenger ship from the 1800s. What especially drew me in was the segment that showed life on a ship for emigrants to the US. That could have been my family!
After the maritime exhibition hall, I headed to the aeronautics wing. My friend Emily, who lives in Munich, posted that the museum has a cross section of a Lufthansa passenger airplane, so I was intrigued. Of course, the aeronautics wing includes much more than simply the cross-section, they had a large mixture of both military and civilian aircraft. I was surprised how interesting I found this area!

From here, I headed to the paper and printing sections. Again, extraordinarily interesting. The paper exhibit included a Chinese costume made entirely from paper, as well as showcased a number of historical methods of paper making.

I wish I had been able to spend more time in the museum, but honestly, it was a bit overwhelming. I believe the best way to throughly enjoy the Deutsches Museum is in a couple of trips, so that your mind doesn't get completely overloaded by all the things to see and learn. On the way out though, I caught sight of a beautiful view of Munich's famous skyline, which includes the famous twin towers of the Frauenkirche.

Once I was done visiting, I met my friend Emily for the afternoon. It was so great spending the afternoon with Emily in her new hometown of Munich, as she knew so much interesting trivia and of course, it was so lovely to spend time with a fellow expat!
We enjoyed a fabulous, leisurely lunch out in the sun- it was probably the warmest day of the year up to that point (and since then as well.)
After our long lunch, we wandered around Munich for a while, chatting, and having Emily teach me all about the city. I think I need a refresher though before posting about the history- this will teach me not to take notes!!
We stopped and had some delicious ice cream, which helped to cool us down after baking in the sun at lunch.
We did find ourselves at the Viktualienmarkt though, which seems to be an incredible outdoor market. Unfortunately since it was Sunday afternoon, the stands were closed, but I do hope to visit again during opening hours, as it looks wonderful!

From the Viktualienmarkt, we wound back towards the Marienplatz, where Emily was kind enough to wait with me for Joern and Marcel to return from their BMW meeting. When they finally arrived, Joern was able to bribe Emily to have dinner with us (only a little salt was needed.) We had a fabulous dinner at Augutsiner Großgestätten, one of the many restaruants run by "Munich's beer," Augustiner. The building itself is really great because it has a very large interior courtyard, which definately helps on warm summer evenings. Dinner was much better than at the Hofbräuhaus, with a better atmosphere to boot! We had a great dinner with lots of laughs!

We had such a fun time, Joern and I are already talking about a return trip to Munich!

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Emily hat gesagt…

I had such a great time hanging out with you guys and hope you do come back soon! I also think I have salt to last quite some time.

Thanks again for the wonderful day - you guys are so sweet.