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Hi, I'm Allison! I'm a thirtysomething, freshly baked, stay-at-home mom. I'm originally from Connecticut, now living in Germany, hence the name of the blog. I live in southern Germany with my German husband and our baby boy. Life has turned out to be nothing I ever expected, and am so incredibly happy with it! We certainly do have a lot of laughs! I hope you will enjoy following our new experiences raising a little half American/ half German in a little German town.

Mittwoch, 2. Januar 2008

First post of the new year!!

Well, here I sit, on this 2nd day of 2008 with much on my mind. Joern, Marcel, and I have been back in Germany since yesterday, but since we slept most of the day away, today is my first official day back in the real world.
Joern is off looking at a new car, and I have spent the day perusing the internet in search of a new couch! All things that may actually come to friuition this month! Lots of new changes already for us this year :)
We had a wonderful trip to Connecticut, and I already miss it. I guess a year is really too long to go without going back home, I miss my family and all my old haunts. It was great to see my family, and I enjoyed spending extra time with my cousin Elizabeth. Sadly, I didn't get time to see friends, our time was just too short. But, we did get to spend a day in Newport, RI, and a day in New York City- two of my favorite places. We did lots of shopping, and lots of eating, both activities we now have to curtail here in Germany. It was really a great time though, and my soul feels refreshed.

It does feel a little funny to be back in Germany, even though I just celebrated my 6th anniversary of living here. Things look a little different to me. Like, the lack of sun here in the winter is actually depressing, our kitchen looks like a doll kitchen, and our apartment is really small. I can't wait to get outside, maybe go down to Stuttgart, and remind myself of all the wonderful things about this country too.

I have spent my morning formulating my plan for the New Year. I am not one really for resolutions, but more plans. I make these plans more often than once a year, but since I have a few right now, I will post them. Hopefully, by posting my new plans, and therefore, by making them public, I will have a better chance of sticking with them:

1. I will post more often on this blog. My Aunt Karen reminded me that I haven't posted since October, which is crazy. Even if nothing is going on, I should post. My dream would be once a week- don't hold me to that though, just a lofty goal :)
2. I will take better care of my skin- my grandmother's anti-aging regime (not washing your face) did not prevent wrinkles, so I've got to start tackling time.
3. I will go home again this year before Christmas. By home, I mean Connecticut, and not Germany, I am here every day.
4. I will buy toilet paper before we run out of it. I forgot to buy it before we left for our trip, and I am now trying not to go until after we go to the grocery store. Really, I wasn't this bad in college.
5. I will get my driver's license, because I am dying to drive my 3.5 l, 211 hp, gas-guzzling BMW 735 iL before they put a speed limit on the autobahn.
6. Joern and I need to find a hobby that doesn't involve sitting in the couch (that includes surfing on the internet, and the Wii). Hopefully, it will be an activity we can do together, like taking walks or initiating a weekly date- night.

I guess that's it for now. Happy New Year!!

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