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Sonntag, 13. Januar 2008


One of my New Year's plans was to do something with Joern at least once a week that didn't involve watching TV or surfing the net. Last night, was our first weekly "get out and do something" time. We went to see a movie- yay! The last movie I saw in the theaters was James Bond, which I will also discuss in a second. Anyway, that was over a year ago, so it was quite exciting to wear something other than track pants and slippers on a Saturday night, and go out.
The local OV movie theater here, OV means Original Version, and is the expat's dream come true :), is called the Corso. They sell only salted popcorn, and beer (not too OV) and play mostly American films. Turns out, there are some movie purists in the world who prefer to see a movie in it's original language, even if that means it is a foreign language film. The theater is pretty small though, and being that it is Germany, the few films they play are always at least a couple months behind the American premieres.
But, we did make it to see:

Wow! It was surprisingly short, but a total emotional disaster. Will Smith is an incredible actor, which he has again proven in this picutre. The story though was really difficult to get through. I had tears streaming down my cheeks for the majority of the movie. If you haven't seen it, the movie is set in NYC in 2012, which isn't that far off. The vast majority of the world has been killed off, due to a viurs, from which Will Smith is immune. Will Smith is probably the last man in NYC, who has not died (90% of the population died from the virus,) or turned into a Darkseeker (9% of the remaining population). His goal is to discover a cure to return the very dangerous Darkseekers into human beings. It is so eerie though to see him drive around a completely deserted NYC. That was the backdrop for this very eerie, almost too close to home movie.
I think it took us about 5 minutes before the movie ended to start talking again, which as you know, for Joern and I is a milestone!
Wow again! It was a really good movie, but toook a long time to recover from it!

And on to the other news- part of the new James Bond is going to be filmed in our neck of the woods. They are going to film a scene on the Austrian side of Lake Constance. This is so very exciting, as Lake Constance is also bordered by Germany, and is by far, one of the most beautiful areas in the country. Joern and I love going there, and it is so cool that the James Bond people feel that this lovely area deserves this credit :)

A picture of the set being built along the Austrian side of Lake Constance.

The good news is that this upcoming movie is not destined to be the tear jerker of last night!
Have a great week!!!!

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