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Montag, 24. März 2008

Our lovely, wonderful spring break in Mallorca

Since we sadly did not have internet access while on our trip last week, I have decided to post about the trip in daily updates that all start with, "One week ago today" The series will begin today, and end sadly, on Sunday :( But for now, I hope you enjoy!

One week ago today, we were looking forward to an incredible 7 days on one incredible little island, Mallorca. This trip was our third trip to the island, and already, on our first full day, we found no disappointments.
Let me start by saying that our flight on Sunday (the 16th) was great. We flew with Tuifly, one of Germany's largest travel companies. The flight was an hour and a half, which amazes me, how quickly one can travel from Germany to paradise. We picked up our rental car easily, and drove to our hotel.

During our past two trips, we stayed in the Hotel Leo, a three star hotel in C'an Pastilla, a lovely, quiet area near to our current hotel location. The hotel was fine, but well, not that special. Last year, when we saw Wolfgang and Hildegard's hotel, we decided we were shortchanging ourselves with the Leo. This year, we stayed in the German party area, Playa de Palma. My decision was based on the deal we could get with a better hotel. Honestly, our location wasn't bad at all. We stayed at a Riu property, the Riu Festival. It was a nice upgrade from our former hotel, but I think we will stay somewhere else next time. We didn't have a sea view, and if we don't have a sea view, I want it to be because we are in the mountains, not up the street from the beach.
But overall, the hotel was nice, good breakfast, indoor and outdoor pools, and a comfy, clean room.

On Monday, we made our way out and drove southwest to Joern's favorite spot, Port d'Andratx. First, we stopped in Genova, a small village right outside Palma. The village is high up in the hills, and looks down onto Palma and the Palma Harbor.
The port village is adorable, lined with cafes and shops. And the harbor is full of really huge boats. Andratx the town is the richest town on the island. It is home to many prominent people, including Claudia Schiffer and German record producer, Dieter Bohlen. We do find the houses amazing, but what draws us the most is the wonderful port. We spent quite some time just sitting at a cafe enjoying the views, the sun, and the atmosphere.

We then made our way to Magallauf, traditionally known as the English party place. Joern loves going there, to observe the English culture. Magalluf is lined with British pubs, and the small take away restaurants feature fish & chips, curries, and a variety of other traditionally English foods. While I tend to shy away from places like this, also the German party area on the island, Joern really enjoys it.

Since it was St. Patrick's Day, we made our way to an Irish pub for dinner. There is no shortage of Irish pubs all over the island, so we found one in Palma named Hogans, that looked great. Oddly enough, they served American, not Irish food. So, my St. Patrick's Day this year was celebrated in an Irish pub in Spain, where we heard a band that only played a few Irish songs, and we ate buffalo chicken wings, chicken fingers, and split a blue cheese burger! The life of an expat can be quite unexpected at times!

I hope everyone who reads this blog had a wonderful St. Patrick's Day last week. I also hope that today, Easter Monday, brings you happiness whether you have a holiday today or are back at work.

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Emily hat gesagt…

I'm glad that you and Joern are able to find some time for yourselves and that your trip worked out. I can't wait to read more about it through the week!