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Sonntag, 9. Januar 2011

Adventures in Shopping

Yesterday afternoon, we headed out to Geislingen, which just happens to be the home of the German pots and pans company, WMF.  WMF has a factory outlet in Geislingen, but it turns out there is so much more than just WMF products to be found at this store.  It turns out that there is a small outlet mall in Geislingen, and it is pretty much all housewares.  COOL!
The WMF outlet itself does not only have pots and pans, they had a huge selection of beautiful cutlery and a large selection of WMF items.  But the outlet also sells products from Sillit, Kaiser Backform, and Auerhahn cutlery.  But the most amazing of all?  They sell some 220 V Cuisinart products!  Anyone looking for 220 V Cuisinart should head on over to Geislingen!  They had blenders, coffee makers, coffee grinders, food processors, and most exciting of all SLOW COOKERS from Cuisinart!  The slow cooker was beautiful, sadly, we already have one so I couldn't justify buying the Cuisinart one.  But, we did buy this coffee maker:
image from cuisinart.com

We really needed a drip coffee maker, as we have been using our Bosch built in coffee maker for the past few months now, and well, that's prett dumb considering that the built-in is for the house.  Also, we missed just having a pot of coffee around.  The Cuisinart is so very nice, and so far, it has been making great coffee!

After WMF, we decided to check out the other outlets.  There is a Ravensburger outlet, which will be cool when we have kids, because Ravensburger makes beautiful games and puzzles.  There was an outlet that sold really beautiful towels and bedding.  There was also a Lindt outlet, which seems great for gifts.  And, there was a glassware outlet in this center.  They sell Nachtman, Spiegelau and Riedel, and had some good prices.  I especially love Riedel products, and am so excited to head back once I figure out what we need for our house!

It was a pretty fun hour of shopping.  I admit, outlet shopping here is nothing like outlet shopping at home, but that is to be expected.  I will definitely keep the Geislingen outlets in mind though next time we need to make any purchases for our home!

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Emily hat gesagt…

How fun! I can't believe a slow cooker exists here - I had to bring my little crock pot from the US with a convertor, but I use it constantly.

Looks like you'll have a great time stocking up on housewares closer to your German home!