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Samstag, 28. Februar 2009

The times they're a changin', and not for the better

Just because I don't talk about the state of the world-wide economy on here, doesn't mean that watching the goings on in the world isn't frightening. It is.
One of the companies that is in trouble right now is breaking my heart. Waterford Crystal went into recievership recently. It is so sad to think of this company going under. The company holds so much tradition and it holds a lot of memory for me.

I remember my mom always drooling over Waterford. She had a friend who traveled to Ireland a few times, and brought back tiny crystal trinkets for my mom. My mom would hold them so carefully in the light, so that the colors would dance around on the walls and the floor. She always told me how special Waterford Crystal was.

When I was 20 and left for Ireland, visiting the Waterford factory was high on my list. I had to go there for Mom.

My friend Kelly and I went to the factory when Kelly's mom came to visit. It was right after I returned from Germany, and meeting Jörn. We spent a day going to the crystal factory, Blarney Castle, and dishing about the wonderful guy I had just spent a week with. Kelly drove the rental car, which made for many memories in itself.

The factory tour was incredible. The company is so steeped in tradition. It employed most of the people living in the area. Becoming a crystal cutter, or glass blower at Waterford was really something special, a high honor. Of course, this also means that these employees of the company are highly specialized, and it will now be difficult for them to find another job.

After our wonderful tour, I spent tons of time in the gift shop finding something that would be great for my mom. Of course, it had to fit into my college student's budget as well. Here's what I bought for her:

When I got home and gave her the vase, she held it up to the light ever-so carefully, and let the colors dance all over the room.

While we were dating, Jörn and I frequently talked about my time in Ireland. This was such a meaningful time in my life, and I wanted to share it all with Jörn. Imagine my surprise when he gave me this Waterford gift for our wedding.

As we were cleaning out my mom and stepfather's house a few months ago, I found those Waterford trinkets my mom received when I was a child. They were a toothpick holder, a sugar bowl, and a cream pitcher. I carefully held each one into the light, watched the colors dance, and could hear my mom telling me how special Waterford Crystal was.

Unfortunately, as it can happen in living abroad, these pieces broke in transport back to Germany. As I picked up the shards with tears in my eyes, Jörn promised me that we would would go to Ireland and buy the broken items. We are thinking about visiting Ireland in April.

I had heard on the news that the company was in trouble, but now it has gone into receivership. According to the website, the Vistor's Center at the factory is closed until further notice. I hope that the company can be saved, but hope that in saving it, something of the magic and tradition is not lost.

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