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Sonntag, 11. Mai 2008

Lessons learned at the Met (and other stories from Manhattan)

On Saturday, I spent a day in New York City. It was a wonderful day, all by myself. Although I am not one for adoring travel alone, sometimes it is perfect, because you get to do just what you want on your own schedule. Furthermore, after the past couple of weeks, I really needed a day when I did not really have to talk with or listen to anyone.

I got into Grand Central Station at 10:12. Manhattan on a weekend morning is a beautiful place. The city is calm, relatively few cars drive up and down the streets. It is like a different world. It was fortunate that I was there so early, and the city was so calm, because for the first time in my life, I used a city bus. I drove the poor bus driver insane as I did not know how to put the Metro Card in properly, nor did I know that you have to push open the bus doors when you leave. Lesson #1- the doors to exit a NYC bus do not open automatically.I got off the bus at 75th and Madison, a little too early for the Metropolitan Museum of Art, but since it was such a lovely morning, I decided the walk would have been wonderful. As I wandered along Central Park, I figured why not? Since the Met lies along the park, it made my already pleasant walk even more pleasant. I strolled through the park, and got to see lots of runners and moms with kids. Central Park is georgous!

I finally wound my way back to the front of the Met, and made my way inside. Unfortunately, I did not have tons of time, and if you don't have months to devote, it is difficult to see much. So, instead, I chose to wander through a few sections, to orient myself and to better understand where to return on the next visit.
Lesson #2 - must devote tons of time to enjoying the Met

Of course, getting my bearings was not simple, and through this process, I lost even more time. I did make through some of the Greek and Egyptian art. The hall of Greek sculpture was particularly interesting. I then wandered into the Asian Art section. One of the amazing places was the Astor Courtyard, which was an interior courtyard set up exactly as a Chinese garden. It was so beautiful and peaceful, I could have stayed there forever.
I then wandered into the European painting and sculpture wing. The paintings were incredible, and would have enjoyed spending lots more time really enjoying them. I did really enjoy seeing some of the Van Gough paintings, and of course, loved the opportunity to be so close to some incredible Rodin sculptures.
What really got me thinking though, was my realization in the European paintings section. As I enjoyed many wonderful, incredible paintings of destinations, such as Venice, London, Paris, Istanbul, I started mentally checking off all the places I have visited. I soon realized that I have been to quite a few places that some people only visit through art and books. It made me reflect on how amazingly lucky I am. Sure, sometimes there is some stress in my life. But, I am married to an incredible man, who has helped me to provide me with this life that is something out of a dream. Then, I laughed at the girl I was 10 years ago, who would never have believed what the future held for me.
Lesson #3- (the important one) I should not only focus on the tough things in my life, because the good absolutely outweighs the bad!

Following the Met, I hopped back on the bus and took it down 5th to Times Square. Sure, I could have gotten off closer to the theater, but I really like Times Square, and wanted to enjoy it. I love the bustle, and sights to see. Sure, it is totally overstimulating, but for a few minutes, it is quite a marvelous experience!

On to the show, Curtains. I have known for over a year that going to see Curtains was my dream. Why? Because David Hyde Pierce, aka. Niles Crane from Frasier, is the lead in the show. He is one of my hands down favorite actors. It was the Al Hirschfeld Theater, which was beautiful and amazing. My seat was center Orchestra, 6 rows from the stage. Imagine my surprise when I found out that besides Niles :), Edward Hibbert, who played Gil Chesterton on Frasier, was also in the show! The show itself was wonderful. It was funny and quite entertaining. But, I must say, to be 6 rows from Niles and Gil Chesterton was way too much for me. I had a smile plastered on my face the entire show, my cheeks were sore in the way they did at my wedding from smiling so much!
I am still in shock!

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Emily hat gesagt…

That sounds like such a perfect day - you definitely deserve some time for yourself!

It is pretty spectacular to have the opportunity to visit all of those places, like you said. I think it definitely helps in understanding the art.

Enjoy the rest of your days at home!