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Dienstag, 20. Mai 2008

My Home Sweet Home

Spent an enjoyable last Monday at home taking photos of my town. I started off in our town marina, South Benson Marina.

We have a fishing pier that follows out of the harbor into the Sound (Long Island Sound that is.)

It's been at least 3 years, if not longer, since I've last walked out onto the pier. It was a little rattling to see that there has been some major shifting of the rocks under the pier, and it does appear to be slowly slipping into the Sound. But, I figured that if it was dangerous, they would have had it blocked off. It did make me a little sad to see how such an important memory may be just that someday, a memory. Since my dad had a boat until I was about 21, a lot of my childhood memories take place on and around Long Island Sound.

I strolled back slowly, savoring the sound, the feel, the scent, and my mind flooded with sorts of wonderful memories with friends and family.
From there, I drove out to the center of our town, and walked around the old town center. Fairfield is steeped in history, having been founded in 1639, many historically important figures spent time in those places I walked along today.
Our old town hall has been standing as its current state since , after it was rebuilt following total devistation as the British set fire to the town center in 1779.

Gen. George Washington spent time in Fairfield too, in order to assess damage to the town. He rode by the old town hall, and stayed at the Sun Tavern.

Sun Tavern, George Washington stayed here in 1789.

Old Fairfield Academy, private school, opened in 1804
I walked back to Independence Hall, known as the “new Town Hall,” built in.... I also wandered over to the grounds of the Burr Homestead.

The Burr Homestead was home to the Burr family (the parents of vice-president Aaron Burr.) The grounds are quite beautiful and peaceful.

I also learned today that John Hancock married at the Burr Homestead. Duh, that would have been a perfect place to hold a wedding ceremony.
The day was really enjoyable. Of course, I didn't get to photograph all the wonderful town landmarks before it started raining. I guess that will have to wait till my next trip home :) It will give my readers something to look forward to!

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Caitlin hat gesagt…

It looks so American. I love it. Especially the pier with the flags...