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Dienstag, 20. Mai 2008

New York Part II

Sunday was a wonderful day! My cousin Elizabeth and I went to NYC for the day.
It took us quite a while to get going, thanks to my forgetfulness :) But, once we got on the train, our super day began.
Our train got in around 12:45, which gave us 2 hours before our show. So, we made our way up to 5th Ave and then headed towards Central Park. Our destination? Lunch and Tiffany.
I must admit, I was worried that lunch at Trump Tower would be extravagant.

But, it turns out that they have a great little sandwich bar, salads, and pizza on the lower level of Trump Tower. We had an enjoyable, inexpensive lunch in a beautiful setting.
After lunch, we went next door to Tiffany. Although I have been in Tiffany before, I never made it above the first level. This time though, I had a destination in mind, specifically, I was there to buy my first piece of jewelery from Tiffany & Co.

I absolutely love my new bracelet! It was a bit intimidating to shop there, but it was much better to have Elizabeth with me :)
As we made our way back down towards 42nd street, it began to rain. Ugh! Eventually, I was forced to buy a $5 umbrella, although I was fully aware of the fact that those umbrellas usually are only good for one windless rainstorm. No matter, I was desperate!
We made our way down 42nd towards Broadway. The theater was near the heart of Times Square, right across the street from Madame Toussaud's which was really cool. We were fortunate that they did not make us wait outside the theater until 10 minutes before the performance (the way we had to for Curtains.) It turns out that the Hilton Theater was beautiful on the inside. Not like the Al Hirschfeld Theater was not georgeous on the inside, but the Hilton was significantly larger. Our seats were incredible, third row from the stage, left of the aisle. Even though our seats were not center, we had an amazing view of the stage, and even could see into a corner of the orchestra pit.

The show, Young Frankenstein , was so great! I had only seen the first hour of the movie, so I had a general sense of the story, plus, Megan Mullally was going to be in it, so I figured we were in for a treat. The show was way better than I could have imagined! The lighting and special effects were amazing! One of the best parts was the dance sequence with the monster. It was much longer than the scene in the movie (okay, I saw that part too,) and was just incredible. The monster tap danced for about 5 minutes, then the dancers came on and did this huge dancing sequence. It was just wonderful.
The actor who played Frederick Frankenstein played the pharmacist from season two of Desperate Housewives (the one who killed Bree's first husband.) He was really superb. Not only was his singing wonderful, but he was able to fit the part incredibly well. Of course, we were really there to see Megan Mullally (Karen from Will and Grace). My cousin Elizabeth feels about Will and Grace the way I feel about Frasier. So, it was cool to be able to be there with her to sit three rows from Karen :) It was kind of cool, Mullally played Elizabeth, Frederick Frankenstein's flashy, bitchy fiancee. It was funny because the character was quite similar to Karen, she was even able to use the Karen voice :) But, she is such a wonderful actress, I was so impressed! Her voice was so huge, it filled the entire theater, absolutely amazing!!!! I have a new found appreciation of her, and can't wait to watch Will and Grace with new eyes!
Of course, I did go to the show with an almost criminal- Elizabeth tried to take a picture at the end of the show. They aren't kidding about not being allowed to take pictures, an usher showed up in about 3 seconds! Incredible!
I realized that I have really been missing out on a treasure, having grown up so close to New York City, and not going to see shows on Broadway. I can't to go see a show the next time I'm here!
Following the show, we spent some time in Times Square and then made our way back to Grand Central Station. All in all, it was a super great day. I really enjoyed having the opportunity to spend such an enjoyable day with such an enjoyable person :)

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Emily hat gesagt…

It sounds like you are having a great time! I just found out my cousin is going to be in a show on Broadway. I am so excited for her.

Oh... and I'm also with you that every girl some have some jewelry from Tiffany's!

Keep the adventures coming. You definitely deserve some fun times while you're home!a